Health Onsite

MyCare manages many onsite clinics for organisations and communities. It provides flexible solutions based on the need of its customers. Such services can be further enhanced by combining with our Telemedicine services to improve primary care access by several notches..

Having a doctor onsite is a major factor in solving the health concerns of employees at workplace. It also means easy and accessible care, right at the place where it is needed. MyCare provides flexible and integrated health solutions through its onsite clinics. This offering involves a multidisciplinary onsite team that includes Physicians, Nutritionists, Physiotherapists, Counsellors and Nurses


Beyond enabling easier health care access for their employees, studies have found that on-site health care clinics can also lower medical costs for companies, encourage better long-term employee health, reduce absenteeism, and improve productivity At MyCare

Fixed Weekly Schedules

The onsite clinic can have fixed weekly schedule based on the size and timing of the organization.

Multidisciplinary team

Based on the need of an organization a multidisciplinary onsite team can be formed including General practitioner, Specialists, Nurse, Nutritionists, Counselors and Physiotherapists.

Availability of routine drugs

The clinic can stock routine medicines which can help in commencing the treatment instantly. It also saves time for the employees especially when the work place is in remote areas

Patient Portal

All visitors can get access to a mobile friendly patient portal where they can store their health data and prescriptions.

Monthly Utilization Report

We provide monthly analytics report which includes utilization Stats and insights on overall employee health

24 X 7 Medical helpline

For all employees we can provide 24 X 7 Medical helpline through which they can talk to a doctor even from their homes and our doctors can seamlessly check provide offsite as well onsite consultancy with the help of Electronic Medical Records.

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