MyCare offers employers a proven, comprehensive solution to maintain a healthy workforce by providing medical benefit to employees and their dependants, helping them reduce healthcare expenditure. MyCare offers integrated healthcare solutions through on-site and / or near site clinics.


MyCare offers easy access to families in quality health care services and solutions through our neighborhood clinics & network partners. MyCare is equipped to deal with health requirements even at home or work and can be reached on phone or e-mail, round the clock.

Our rapidly changing lifestyle has given birth to disease patterns that are difficult to be addressed by the current healthcare models. They require a unique approach that focuses on keeping people healthy rather than just treating sickness.
At MyCare,
We help individuals and organisations remain healthy by providing healthcare that is preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative.
What sets
us apart?
Integrated Health Care
MyCare provides integrated service offerings with a member-centric approach keeping the family physician as a nodal point for each member to guide them through the maze of healthcare delivery.
Care aligned with wellness
MyCare's incentives are designed to align with the good health of its members through proactive health monitoring by its Physicians, diametrically opposite to the incentives aligned to the Fee for Service' healthcare system which relies on patients' sickness.
Transparent and Trusted
MyCare does not accept any form of referral fees, kinds or commissions making Healthcare within means. Being an independent entity, MyCare has no interest in promoting products or services of its affiliate organisations and provides unbiased advice and services to its members as a trusted healthcare partner.
Proactive technology
MyCare strongly believes in harnessing the potential of technology and continuously evaluates latest technology for adoption. To enhance quality of care and improve access at abridged costs, MyCare provides its members with a personalised member portal to track their health while being managed by Physicians through a 360 degree comprehensive Electronic Health Record platform.
Primary Care of the future
MyCare through its holistic team of Medical Professionals and Health Coaches is focused on providing care that is coordinated, proactive and participative.
Our Services
MyCare's Health Assessment, welcomes the member with a detailed 'getting to know' meeting with the Physician. This meeting helps the Physician to be acquainted with the member, establish medical history, identify future health risks and helps in setting health goals.
MyCare members have uncapped access to Family Physician Consultations. These are one on one interactions between the physician and the member, either in-person at clinic, onsite or through electronic media.
MyCare offers free access to a pre-defined list of essential medicines on prescription basis. There is no upper limit to the quantity and number of times the medicines are prescribed.
MyCare through its NABL Accredited Lab Partners offers diagnostic tests at discounted prices across geographies. Seamlessly and simultaneously, transmits test results to the member and physicians to save time and offer continuous care.
MyCare has a growing network of consultants across various specialisations to provide its members advanced care (if required) recommended by MyCare Physicians, while they are in the loop to ensure seamless communication and continuity of the care.
24 X 7
MyCare's 24x7 helpline number facilitates care from the Physician in times of need.
Management Program
MyCare puts great emphasis in its health management program. These are combinations of various activities like personalised proactive monitoring, individual/group counselling by experts, participative activities towards achieving health goals based on the individual health requirement of the Members.
MyCare provides assistance to members aiding them make informed healthcare decisions in case of them getting hospitalised for a treatment.
Member Portal
(Electronic Health Records)
MyCare members are provided individual access to a Member Portal where they can review their health status, health goals, consultations, prescriptions, test reports and book appointments. The portal also offers a knowledge bank to learn about various health conditions.
Member Benefits

The health requirement of each organisation and individual is specific.
We recognise this need and provide consistent care that is customised to meet each members requirement.
For Corporates:

  • Access to a Dedicated Physician
  • Convenient Care through Onsite Delivery
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Prospective Risks & Outcomes
  • Improving Efficiency & Productivity through targeted preventive action
  • Healthy Living at Predictable Costs through preventive actions
  • Pre-Employment & Annual Health Check-ups & Health Camps
  • Focused approach towards High Risk employees
For Individuals:
  • Timely Appointments - no waiting
  • Flexible & Unlimited Access to Physicians in person through digital mediums
  • Co-ordinated healthcare services
  • Health Coach to constantly support, monitor and follow-up to meet health goals
  • Electronic Access to Health Records anywhere

Our Service Delivery

MyCare is a Subscription fee based Primary Care Company that works on the philosophy of patient centricity, transparency, integrated and accountable care.
We currently provide a spectrum of services through multiple delivery options, that include

  • Onsite
  • Near-site
  • Multi-employer/shared sites
  • Residential sites
  • Telemedicine