Refund Policy

Refund & Cancellation Policy

(Only for MyCare Subscribed Members)


For Members enrolled through Corporate Membership

  • Members cannot directly request for cancellation of membership
  • All requests need to be sent to MyCare through the designated authority of the Sponsor / Employer / Corporate

For Members enrolled through Retail Membership


  • – Cancellations are subject to a refund as per the structure below
    • Deduction of Fixed Fee: Rs 500 (for Plan Essential) & Rs 1500 (for Plan Core & Complete)
    • Remaining amount of service fee to be deducted on pro-rata basis on the basis of no of months left.


E.g.1 Mr A enrolled for the ‘Essential’ Plan on 15th November 2013 by paying the membership fee of Rs 3900/-. He applied for a cancellation on 5th February 2014. Refund process would be:


(A) Deduction of Fixed fees: Rs 3900 – Rs 500 = Rs 3400

(B) No of months membership effective = 3 months (Dec, Jan & Feb)


Amount to be refunded          = (A) x (12 months – (B)) / 12


= 3400 * (9/12) = Rs 2,550/-


  • Cancellations shall be effective from the 1st of next month.


  • Cancellation requests to be made by the member only and cannot be made by anyone else on behalf of the member.
  • Cancellation requests will be accepted only by submitting Membership Cancellation form at Clinic or through the Member Portal.
  • All refunds shall be made in name of the payee of the membership (payee may or may not be different from the member).
  • Refunds will be provided in form of Cheque only.
  • As per the Indian Medical Council (Professional, Etiquette & Ethics) Regulations 2002, MyCare is required to retain the medical records of the member for a minimum period of 5 years from the date of cancellation of the MyCare membership.
  • MyCare Health Solutions Private Limited reserves the right to make changes in it Refund or Cancellation Policy without any prior notice.